What Is NoLimits Central?

NoLimits Central is the official community website for the NoLimits Coaster Simulator. It is also a place to chat and share your creations from NoLimits 2, and also discuss about theme parks, coasters, and other off topic subjects.

  • Be polite and treat others with respect.
  • Don't derail a topic, if you want to post something off topic you should:
    • PM a user if you're asking a question not related to the topic.
    • Create a new topic if it is warranted.
    • Look for a general topic, such as the "Ask" topic or "What Did You Just Do in NoLimits" topic.
    • Or report if necessary.
  • Try to keep your image count per post to 3-5 images.
  • Keep your images around 2K at the most. 4K and 8K images will be deleted.
  • For general topics, check the original post for their topic specific rules.
  • Do not doube post in a topic that is not yours.
  • Use correct grammar.
  • Use emojis minimally.
  • All contests must be approved by an NLC moderator before the contest may be held.